Right Side Up 

A three month journey toward HEALTH + IMPACT

The Right Side up Journal has helped more leaders than we imagined GET HEALTHY + REACH MORE IMPACT through 10 minutes a day of clarifying and prioritizing.​
We help people get healthy + reach more impact. We equip leaders, teams, and organizations to uncover the purpose for their lives, document what they value and live within their limits. Many of them get healthy and grow in massive ways. They are nearly unrecognizable a year or two later! But others get distracted, overwhelmed or swamped by their fears and stop taking their next right steps. Their season of health and growth is only a distant memory.

Through hundreds of hours of coaching leaders, we have discovered threads that help leaders go to the next level. The Right Side up Journal has been knit together as a result of those threads. 

We've intentionally designed this journal to help you prioritize and continue taking your next right steps toward HEALTH + IMPACT. 
We listened to feedback about barriers, desires and frustrations with the journal and made some serious upgrades including:

  • New tools: To help you reduce overwhelm and increase clarity.
  • ​Better descriptions: To help you get the most out of this fantastic journal.
  • ​More blank pages: To capture thoughts, notes, and important details.
  • ​Questions & Quotes: We've updated the Right Side Journal to include even more thought provoking questions and quotes.
  • Guided Tutorials: With best practices to help you get the most out of your Right Side Up Journal.

 Crucial things we point to throughout this journal

  • Purpose: Why are you here on this earth? 
  • ​Priorities: What deeply matters to you?
  • People: Who will you invest your best time into?
  • ​Play: What activities bring you joy and whimsy?
  • Physical needs: What actions replenish your energy?


You'll learn to implement

Daily Rhythms

  • Proactively design your day with a specific purpose and plot your time in three blocks; morning, afternoon and evening.

Weekly Rhythms

  • ​Proactively design your week around the Big Five; purpose, priorities, people, play and physical needs.

Monthly Rhythms

  • ​Proactively design your month around the energy required with an understanding of your fears, challenges and upcoming breaks.

Quarterly Rhythms

  • Proactively design your quarter around your goals with a plan to document your progress. This is exactly why we created the Right Side up Journal.

Annual Rhythms

  • Proactively design your year in light of your big goals, purpose, priorities, people, play and physical needs.


  • The Right Side Up Journal comes perfectly-bound, wrapped in a sturdy, slate gray cover.
  • ​The interior is precision trimmed on 60 lb paper. 
  • ​Natural stock with over 200 pages of inspiring, thought-provoking, relevant content designed on purpose for leaders.
  • ​Hand-crafted in the U.S.A
  • ​Enough structure to boost your creativity but not so much to restrict. 
  • ​Blank spaces to sketch your thoughts and ideas.
  • ​​Thought-provoking questions and quotes. 
  • ​Includes our most practical time-tested leadership tools.
  • ​Enables daily progress towards short and long-term goals. 
  • ​Unlocks exclusive access to a private Right-Side up leaders community. 

What are you looking for?

 More fulfillment? More impact? More productivity? More health? More time for what really matters? If you are hungry this is a great place to start, but hunger alone is not enough. 

Take your next steps toward HEALTH + IMPACT and pick up your 2nd edition of the Right Side Up Journal TODAY!